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Better Vision With Crizal Lenses

Crizal Lens is a well known name in the optical industry. It is known for its superior quality lenses. Perfect transparency of these lenses allows you to enjoy the world with no limitations. The scratch-resistant property offers you with maximum clarity of vision for a long period. Its water repellent technology quickly slides water from the lens surface without leaving a trace. Its anti-static property makes Crizal lens virtually dust free. It helps in reducing glare and offers advanced UV protection for your eyes. And, you can only get all these benefits in Crizal lenses which are available at GKBOptical.com.

Crizal not only means vision correction but vision enhancement. It is created using exclusive and cutting edge technologies which provides eyeglasses wearers the clearest vision possible. These lenses cut out reflections and eye fatigue and hence are almost invisible that gives you a flattering appearance. It is easy to clean the spectacle lenses using a cleaning cloth. The lenses mean advanced durability that withstands daily wear for enduring vision clarity.

Of course, these lenses remain at the top choice for professionals around the world since they deliver the best-in-the-market performance that suits your lifestyle requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Choose lenses for your glasses today and see how you look and feel. Therefore, consult your eye care professionals today!

Crystal Clear Vision Beyond Ordinary Lenses

Created using exclusive and cutting-edge technologies, advanced Crizal lenses are the result of Essilor's ongoing research to provide eyeglass wearers with the clearest vision possible. Worn and trusted by over 260 million people all over the world, Crizal lenses are unlike any other pair you've experienced because now you can enjoy:

  •  Optimal Vision Comfort: Crizal lenses not only cut out reflections and eye fatigue, but are also virtually invisible for a much more flattering appearance.
  •  Easier Lens Cleaning: It is easy to clean Crizal spectacle lenses using a Crizal cleaning cloth.
  •  Premium Scratch Resistance: Crizal lenses mean enhanced durability to withstand daily wear for enduring clarity of vision.
crizal Anti Reflective


Crizal A2 means the clearest, most transparent lens

Using Essilor's exclusive Enhanced Light Transmission™ (ELT) System, the unique light cancelling technology maximises light transmission through the lens. Virtually eliminating bothersome glare and visible reflections for the ultimate clarity of vision.

Premium Anti-Reflective Efficiency

  •  Safer and more comfortable night-tmie driving
  •  Lenses appear virtually invisible for an enhanced appearance
  •  Less eyestrain after extented computer use
Crizal Scratch Resistant


Cærizal means unmatched Scratch Resistance & Durability

Revolutionary SR Booster™ technology helps Crizal lenses achieve glass class scratch resistance. This means Crizal lenses are more durable -the delightful result of a gradual increase of hardness for ultimate performance.

Premium Scratch Resistance

  •  Able to withstand life's daily wear
  •  Enhanced durability to protect your investment
Crizal Water Repellent


Crizal means Unrivalled Water Repellence

Slide FX™ technology makes Crizal twice as water repellent as any other lens. Hydrophobic molecules on the lens surface minimises water adhereence so water droplets slide off wasily for impressive water repellence performance.

Unique Water Repellence

  •  Water droplets quickly slide off lenses without a trace
  •  Distortion-free vision as water does not dry as stubborn spots
crizal Smudge Resistant


Crizal means Easier Lens Cleaning

Using Essilor's proprietary High Surface Density™ (HSD) process to achieve the best contact angle of 116*, so fingerprints, oil and dirt will not stick. Smudges are more repelled from the surface of the lens and smudge resistance is improved - even after 20,000 cleanings!

Premium Smudge Resistance

  •  Easily wipe away fingerprints, dirt, and oil
  •  Lenses remain easy to clean day after day
Crizal Dust Repellent


Crizal means Virtually Dust-Free Lens

Wiping an ordinary lens usually creates a static charge that attarcts dust. This is not the case for Cizal Lenses with amazing i-technology™. Wiping them causes no negative charges to appear, so dust is actually repelled and the lense remain perfectly clean longer.

Premium Dust Repellence

  •  Lenses remain clear throught the day
  •  Easy to clean with anti-static properties
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