Spectacle Lens

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are also called as multifocal lenses or Varifocal lenses. These are the closest to natural vision. A progressive lens provides a smooth transition from distance through intermediate to near, with all the in-between corrections included as well.

Structure of the lens:

A number of curves are present in the lens in order to achieve the progression from one distance of focus to the next. These curves are changed gradually from top to bottom of the lenses and are “blended” to the either sides of the lens.

At GKB we understand Presbyopia and also the importance of selection of appropriate lenses with a suitable frame.

These are ideal lenses for Presbyopia as the optically advanced lenses provide infinite vision, fit in any choice of frames, large or small and contain no demarcating line unlike bifocals that provide limited vision for only two distances.

Pure Life

The decisive step towards the perfect classic progressive

  Multigressiv MyView

The new standard in tailored Progressives

The technologies:

  • Retina-Focus-Principle
  • Calculation by means of wave fronts
  • HOA (High order aberration) considered

The technologies:

  • Unique customization
  • Free form technology
  • Retina Focus Principal
  • Wavefront Optimisation
  • HOA optimized
  • PD Optimised inset


  • Best possible prescription-faithful lenses - for the whole lens surface
  • Fatigue-free, high-contrast near vision
  • Light & fast adaptation
  • Two progressive zone lengths
  • Consistent minimisation of different type aberrations over the whole lens surface for highest level of visual acuity.
  • Large optimized Vision field for continuous vision


  • Even better vision in the near and intermediate zones due to inclusion of the individual PD
  • Very good spontaneous compatibility
  • Three progressive zone lengths for a flexible choice of frames
  • Perfect looks with aesthetic , thin lenses
  • A reliable and problem free high tech brand product


SEIKO Internal Progressive Lens   Shamir (Israel)

These conventional and internal progressive lenses use “Eye Point technology” providing precise optics with a good vision.

World’s first back side progressive lenses:

  • Innovative way of providing a wider field of view through all zones of the lens, by bringing field of vision closer to the eyes
  • Visual fields significantly expanded
  • Consistent widest near vision throughout
  • Considerable reduction in size and skew distortion, as well as minimized swim and sway
  • Relaxed vision at all zones

Genesis, Piccolo and Creation

Shamir Creation

It is flat, Exact and chic

  • Shamir has developed a new generation - Eye-Point II™- a "Wave Front Computation” for simulating a far greater number of prescription types and optical characteristics.
  • A flatter, thinner lens with the top optical quality
  • Cosmetically correct lens
  • Effectively disperses unwanted stigmatism
  • Minimizes the patient adjustment periods
  • Wider, clear vision areas
  • An easy fit for the user

Nova Internal

  • 100% back surface aspheric design
  • Wider field of vision compared to conventional progressives
  • Considerable reduction in size and skew distortion, as well as minimized swim and sway
  • Enhanced clear distance, wider reading and intermediate vision areas
  • Easy to adapt the lens
  • Wider range in lens material
  • Three fitting height are available so wider choice in frame selection

The new Illumina progressive is for the active lifestyle customer that offers optimum vision and comfort in every situation, with natural head and eye movement and good impact resistance because of Polycarbonate (LiteWear) material.

Key features:
  • Widest reading area
  • Very gradual progression between different zones
  • Increased comfort in all activities and in particular when reading
  • It compliments today’s small frames which are the latest in fashion
  • Balances the astigmatism for enhanced binocular vision

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