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Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Buy Ran Ban For Both Men And Women At GKBOpticals

A stylish collection of Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses is offered at GKBOptical.com. There are 81+ Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses available for both men and women. You can avail facilities such as COD, EMI, free shipping, and warranty on all products and returns policy when making a purchase from GKBOptical.com. It is the only authorized dealer for original Ray Ban sunglasses and hence you can be rest assured of getting the best quality product for yourself.

Background of Aviators

This style of sunglasses became popular in the 60’s and its popularity increased over time with celebrities starting to sport them. These shades were prominently featured in films too which gave it the much needed boost to its image. This numero uno brand has changed the look of the sunglasses to keep up with the trends of the market. With a stylish collection of Ray Ban sunglasses for men it is not very difficult to find a perfect pair for yourself. The brand has flooded the market with some of the best and coolest pairs when it comes to Aviator styled sunglasses. RB 2140 series are also popular besides the 3025 series. The 18 karat gold plated polarized aviator is the most expensive product available at GKBOptical.com. It is priced at Rs 22,290 and you can add prescription lens with it. The second popular product is the flip out aviator RB 3460 which is priced at Rs 11, 999.

  • Fashion and Function Combined:
  • Aviators are characterized by dark or reflective lenses and very thin metal frames with triple or double bridges. The original design comes in neutral grey color that transmits 20% of the incoming light. The lenses are slightly convex and not flat. The design has been made in such a way that it tries to cover the total range of the human eye and prevents light from entering the eyes from any angle. They are also popularly known as pilot glasses. They were originally developed in the year 1936 for pilots for protecting their eyes while flying. The shades were given this name because of the original intention of protecting the pilot’s eyes.
  • Ease & Comfort:
  • The shades are designed with advanced technology that ensures 100% comfort. The folding aviators help you to store your sunnies easily so you will never have any issues regarding comfort. Moreover, they are available in different sizes so you can get the exact pair that will fit you perfectly so that you will never have any complaints.
  • Ray Ban Aviators Are Definitely Worth Your Investment:
  • The price range within which these products are available is Rs 4,000-23,000. Interested buyers can take their pick depending on their need and budget.
  • Authenticity Is Never An Issue At GKBOptical.com
  • As the authorized dealer of Ray Ban India sunglasses authenticity is never a problem. However, if you are in doubt you can check the logo on the lens, weight and the look and feel of the product you have purchased.

Easily Available At GKBOptical.com

They are available in shell material which ensures a long lasting product for you. Black, blue, red, silver, golden and grey are some of the colors in which these shades are available. These products are offered in 3 different sizes small, medium and large and depending on your power and PD (pupillary distance) the right size will be offered to you. Hence, if you want to purchase sunglasses online then you can browse through the collection at GKBOptical.com. Here, you can also find Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses from which you can take your pick. You will surely be able to make a hassle free purchase which will leave as a very happy customer when you are shopping from here.

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