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Power Sunglasses/Prescription Sunglasses : Freedom To Complete Vision In Style

Prescription Sunglasses are usually given to people with eye power. Hence, from now on you too can see clearly even when you are wearing sunglasses. This type of sunglass aids to enhance your vision which protects your delicate eyes frm the harmful UV rays of the sun. The prescription sunglasses are beneficial because they come with anti-glare resistant. You can get the option of wearing these shades anytime without any issues. When the summer sun brightens most people opt to go for sporting sunglasses so that no permanent damage is inflicted.
Contact lens wearers should also invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses as it cannot be worn on the beach or near a lake. This will cause your eyes to become watery and itchy with the sun, wind, and sand. Wearing contacts is also not a good idea when you are swimming as it exposes your eyes to infections. You can get your lenses verified by an optician as to whether it provides 100% UV protection. For added glare protection from reflected light you can also opt for polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses contain a special type of filter which blocks this type of intense reflected light which easily reduces the glare. One of the renowned brands that offer shades with this type of lens is Oakley.

Prescription Oakley sunglasses are available for almost all lens prescriptions that includes progressive and bifocals. These are used if the wearer is presbyopic also. However, the availability is somewhat restricted in case of wraparound sunglasses that curve round the head. This can distort vision and hence you may make your purchase accordingly. Customers can discuss options with an optician or our professional and experienced optometrists who can guide you through the entire process of purchase. The styling of prescription sunglasses and non-prescription ones are the same. Ultimate prescription eyewear is suitable for all lighting conditions that can include Photochromic lenses.

There are different types of brands that offer prescription sunglasses they are Oakley and RayBan. High end fashion designers have understood the requirement of such nature and have come up with the idea of prescription suglasses. The RayBan sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles and frames from which you can take your pick. Typically, these are available in various prescription ranges so you can discuss your options with your optician. This type of sunglasses is available for both men and women. Shell and titanium are the materials with which these shades are made. Customers can choose RayBan sunglasses depending on their requirement. These products are available in different frame styles except for wraparounds. However, aviators and wayfarers are a common choice from which you can take your pick.

Depending on the budget and need interested customers can take a look at the GKB manufactured in-house brand Sundrive which offers similar type of shades. Black, blue, white, green, gray, burgundy, gold and red are few of the color options made available to all interested customers. Around 71+ products are available from which you can take your pick. The Sundrive shades are available in different sizes and hence there is a product for every face size whether it is small or large. Call our expert customer care team to get assistance in determining your face size and the required size of sunglasses needed for a perfect fit. In total there are more than 460+ products so you will never have lack of options.

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