Designer Brands


Classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses offer quality, style and exceptional value. No other brand of sunglasses has the history or cult status of Ray-Ban. Since 1950’s, Ray-Ban sunglasses have featured in several Hollywood blockbusters. Ray Ban sunglasses have its name in fashion wear and are pioneers in the designer sunglasses market and are the best-selling sun wear brand in the world. The Ray-Ban line of Sunglasses delivers true style and dashing look that will have you looking great all the time. Ray-Ban frames sets the standard for both quality and value, worn for decadesby everyone from business men tomovie stars. Ray-Ban products are based on a rock ‘n’ roll style generation. So just come and put them “ON” and live your own star-worthy style.


Bvlgari continues its tradition of providing luxurious and elegant accessories with their eyewear collection. Bvlgari Sunglasses are embellished with semi-precious rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and small diamantes for that dash of glamour and sophistication. Bvlgari Sun Glasses are the favourite of the rich and famous due to its timeless designs and intricate detailing. Bvlgari Sun glasses collection presents the aesthetic motif on the temples of frames thus becoming the perfect expression of glamour and elegance.


In this era of pursuit personality, owning one pair of Oakley sunglasses is good choice. Oakley sunglasses add to your image and personality! Originally created for world-class athletes, this sunglasses technology now transcends sports for consumers around the world. Oakley sunglasses represent the company's commitment to excellence. Oakley prides itself on providing sunglasses that are suitable for every conceivable occasion. Sportsmen and women are among those who regularly choose Oakley sunglasses, as they fulfil the highest demands of durability and performance. Oakley sunglasses are known for frame chic and sophistication.

Maui Jim

Being a worldwide leader in sun protection expertise, Maui Jim makes use the most advanced technologies-the Polarized Plus 2 to provide effective protection against harmful UV rays and glares. This product is best for: General Purpose, Driving, Biking, Hiking/running, Boating/fishing, Golf/tennis, Beach wear, Winter sports. The glare reduction makes these ideal for driving or boating and are light weight enough to make them easy to wear all day. Maui Jim Sunglasses are well known for classic quality, comfort and durability in sun glasses. Maui Jim Sunglasses frames are fitted with the finest polarized lenses available.


Prada Sunglasses are definitely one of the famous eyewear brand for outdoor activities. Innovative Prada eyeglasses technology and research have defined new frames shapes and pure lean lines making Prada eyeglasses products precious and unique with an unmistakable style.  Prada Sunglasses are designed with the highest quality of materials and feature the most innovative and unique designs on the market. The Italian sense of glamour can be seen in every pair of Prada sunglasses – perfect for a shopping trip or day at the beach.


Vogue Sunglasses are designed using vivacious colours, bright gleaming patinas and wrap-around styles that show off the hallmarks of style and glamour that the Vogue name is known for.  They are made for women looking for a youthful, romantic and glamorous look. Vogue Sunglasses are made with a unique design that reflects each individual style. Vogue is the perfect choice for all you fashion lovers. They are creative, fun, and trendy. The Vogue sunglasses collection is for the discerning trendy sun glasses wearer.


The sunglasses in this collection are naturally elegant yet infused with modern design elements. Many models in the Burberry sunglasses collection feature over-sized lenses, which provide both men and women with sufficient protection from the sun-as well as from prying eyes and paparazzi! Burberry features include latest modern fashion designer eye-wear and sunglasses styles.  


Two simple initials that, over the years, have become a symbol, a lifestyle, a logo and so much more than a logo - a contemporary expression of the way we dress today. D&G designer collection offers a signature fashion forward look, with the high performance and durability. It has fresh and unusual colors and frames shapes. D&G processed and interpreted the wide and eclectic range of suggestions from the world of the young in its own unique and original sun-wear and sunglasses style.

Salvatore Ferragamo

The collection rides the crest of the wave in current eye-wear trends with an evolving creativity that enchants and delights. Extraordinary design features and precious handcrafted materials immediately distinguish Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses as both modern and elegant. Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses feature a stylish design and are considered some of the best value and quality in sun glasses and frames in the eye-wear industry.


Versace is a fashion and lifestyle brand for contemporary men and women who love glamorous luxury and distinctive personal style. The Versace sunglasses collection is defined by its luxurious and glamorous look.  Focusing on the younger generation, Versace sunglasses can be found in contemporary and stylish designs.  For extra sparkle, a limited number of Versace sunglasses have intricate designs embellished on the side of their frames.


DKNY is a dynamic, colorful collection that's bold, edgy, and eclectic. It has modern design with a young taste for active people. This sunglasses collection is for all those who are innovative and want to anticipate the future. Modern and bold it redefines to create sun frames that performs like active wear.