Boss Orange Eyewear

Boss Orange was launched in 1999 as an independent line of men’s clothing within the company HUGO BOSS. Originally created for men’s clothing, Boss Orange soon crossed the limitations of fashion and developed a line of smart urban lifestyle in international cities.

The BOSS Orange Eyewear collection, offers sunglasses and optical frames for the contemporary male and female.. The vintage inspired eyewear is marked by original and unique colors with up-to-date details. These eyewears are designed to target young audience that seek the most current fashion trends, modern patterns and designs.

Boss Orange has a huge collection for both men and women. Where for men, they have eyewear to match their casual and urban personality, for women they have sophisticated and chic fashion alluring styles.

What makes Boss Orange special?

  • Unconventional Attitude: Men’s sunglasses assert an unconventional personality.
  • Graphic Design: Contemporary and ultra lightweight, its steel optical frame features super-slim profile and are available in various color combinations.
  • Minimal Style: Boss Orange eyewear present vintage appeal, innovative designs, metal detailing on temple without overpowering the style.
  • Eighties Appeal: The unisex sunglasses collection mix reflect a 1980’s style with modern characters.