Branded lenses

1.Essilor Lenses

The Company, Essilor, through its excellent services, quality products and a wide network of distributors and franchise labs has been able to revolutionize the Indian ophthalmic lens market and cause a shift from the predominant glass lenses to the safer and more superior plastic lenses. Essilor offers a wide range of the world's best lenses which have set benchmarks for quality and performance.

Essilor lenses have the following advantages:

  • Superior scratch-resistance: The lens has the world's best scratch-resistance ensuring that your vision is perfectly clear.
  • Light and comfortable: No unsightly marks on your nose-bridge like those made by other ordinary heavy lenses.
  • Added safety: These lenses do not break or scratch easily and are thus perfect for people with active life-styles. And are best suited for children as well.
  • Perfect for fashionable frames: These lenses are ideal for fitting in semi-rimless and rimless frames, thus enabling you to wear the latest in fashionable eyewear.
  • Versatile: Available with anti-reflection coating and photo-chromic options. So you need just one lens for all occasions.

2.SEIKO Lenses

SEIKO, a name known around the world for quality and innovation is also the world leader in cutting-edge technology for lenses. It’s a pioneer in research and developments in the field of ophthalmic lenses. These arefirst to introduce thinner, lighter plastic lenses with high index and aspheric design.

SEIKO lenses have the following advantages:

  • SEIKO's high quality antireflection coating improves the lens light transmittance up to 98.5%. As a result, unpleasant surface reflections such as image flickering and ghost images are prevented.
  • It prevents the eyes from tiring providing comfortable clear vision all day.
  • The unique aspheric design of SEIKO lenses exhibits less distortion than the conventional lens designs and allows the customer to have a clearer and wider field of vision.
  • The water resistant coating prevents staining and smudging on the lens surface, making it easy to clean.