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Buy Titanium Eyeglasses From GKB Opticals

Enjoy Exclusive collection of Titanium Eyeglasses and Eyeframes, only through GKBopticals.com . Now, buying a new Titanium spectacle frame is an easy affair with the largest collection of titanium eyewear, only at GKB Opticals. We have a wide range of Titanium spectacle frames for men, women and kids.

Lightweight Eyeglasses Spectacle Frames or Ultra Light eyeglass frames are hugely popular these days. Titanium combines strength with feather lightweight performance. Titanium eyeglass frames can be thinner than average metal frames, lighter than your regular spectacles, and more flexible than steel or aluminum. But don’t go by it's feather light weight, titanium is among the strongest materials on the market today.

Titanium is a hypoallergenic material used for spectacle frame making that is known to be durable and feather light. Titanium, the material is a bit high priced and hence there are only a handful of spectacles frames that are made using Titanium. Most popularly Titanium rimless eyeframes are known for being durable and light. At GKB Opticals, you will find a wide range of eyeframes with Rimless titanium spectacle frames and rimmed eyeglass frames that will surely please your eyes. Perfect for everyday use or for casual use, Titanium eyeframes are one of a kind, For daily spectacle wearers, it’s essential that their spectacles are as lightweight as possible. Titanium is the material used in the manufacturing of airplanes and space ships so it’s durable and very lightweight. This makes it easier for users to wear it all day without feeling burdened by the weight of spectacles on their nose bridge.

Why Choose Lightweight Eyeglasses Spectacles

For daily spectacle users Rimless lightweight spectacle frames work better than Full Rimmed eyeglasses or Half Rimmed Eyeglasses. Though in terms of durability Rimmed frames might seem like a great choice but they are bulky. Not to mention they are heavier due to their full rimmed frames, but Half Rimmed Eyeframes are also heavier than Rimless spectacle frames making them less comfortable. So, if you’re thinking of getting lightweight eyeglasses don’t forget to take a peek at GKB Opticals range of rimless lightweight eyeglass frames made from Ultra light Titanium.

Benefits of Lightweight Eyeglasses Spectacle Frames:

  • Lightweight: Lightweight frames do not put extra weight or stress over your nose bridge and ears making them easier to wear whole day. This makes it easier for the people with strong thick lenses feel at ease wearing their spectacles for longer hours.
  • Titanium Frames: lightweight frames are made from Titanium, a hypoallergenic, superior metal that is less prone to corrosion, very sturdy and offers durability like no other frame type. You can buy a lightweight Titanium Eyeframes and forget about spoiling it with daily use.
  • Line Less Vision: Lightweight Eyeglasses Frames are known to be non-intrusive, meaning they do not hinder your eyesight. This means your vision is not obstructed by lines from your regular full rimmed spectacles.

Best Titanium Eyeglasses online

Whether you’re looking for contemporary designs or latest colorful designs, GKB Opticals has the biggest collection of premium and affordable spectacle frames made from titanium.

Enjoy Shopping the Widest range of Lightweight Eyeglasses Spectacle frames from GKB Opticals and enjoy the Feather light feel of Titanium Eyeframes. So, discard your old Reading Glasses or Computer Glasses and go for the new age Lightweight Spectacles Choose from among a vast selection of titanium glasses at GKB Opticals- from latest rimless designs as well as half frame, full frame and sporty designs. The titanium rimless and half frame designs are perfect if you're looking for a classy look and minimal weight. If you wear your reading spectacles all day long it is important to switch to comfortable frames.Titanium frames absolutely delivers on the promise of comfort! Lightweight, long lasting, and flexible enough to absorb the daily damages that all eyeglass frames have to absorb, titanium glasses are perfect if you're always on the go and need sturdy glasses. Buy the extensive range of premium rimless glasses and pair them with high index lenses. Make your lenses thinner and enjoy superior vision and see more vivid colors with 1.67 and 1.74 index lenses. GKB Opticals offer the option to add world’s thinnest optical lenses from Seiko to your lightweight eyeglasses.

Buy Titanium Eyeframes Online

So, don’t waste time on ultra expensive eyewear that does not provide you comfort or durability, switch to Titanium Frames. Buy your latest pair of Titanium eyeglasses only from GKB Opticals and experience comfort and style. Checkout our collection and consult with our optical specialists at 1800 419 1990 or email us at cs@gkboptical.com