From The MD's Desk

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower - Steve Jobs

The GKB Opticals story is one about a continuous quest for excellence. From a nondescript entity in 1959 to the largest optical company in India. I am privileged to have witnesses the many highs of this organization among which are its myriad pioneering efforts in the industry. Time and again we have proved that condescension loses hands down to reinvention and rethinking. We have never let our minds rest, never thought the peak has been conquered. The result? Earning the epithet of, if not inventors then introducers of technologies and processes that have later gone on to be adopted widely.

It also gives me a certain pride to think that GKB Opticals has never lost track of time. I have seen it maintain the fine balance between heritage and modernity, both of which have been kind to us. From outlets to online, the journey has been enriching to say the least. At the helm of it, it is overwhelming to feel the organization being loved and accepted pan India, the outlets growing in number; bringing joys home each day.

And all through the journey, we’ve kept our eyes on you.

It has been an enlightening journey so far and we thank you for being with us at every bent and corner. We hope your faith and trust are catalysts for scaling greater heights ahead.

We remain, forever in love with your eyes.

Warm Regards

Mr. B.K. Gupta
Managing Director, GKB Opticals