The Essential Features of Optical Lenses

Optical lenses are the most important part of a spectacle. GKB Optical offers a variety of optical lenses for their customers. Choosing the perfect lens for any budget is an easy job irrespective of any spectacle frame. A good optical lens can help one see clearly and bring back his optimal visual clarity and a bad lens can affect the wearer’s eyesight and make his condition worse. So it’s important to make prescription glasses from only reputed and good quality glasses. Whether it’s for regular use or for everyday, eyeglasses are required to be made from

Essential Features of Optical Lenses

UV Protection:

Everyday, we step out into the sun and risk ourselves to UV ray damage. The UV rays not only damage the skin but also our eyes. Eyes get sunburned and can get damaged with regular UV exposure which can create serious eye problems and aggravate macular degeneration. So eyeglasses need to be able to cut away the UV Rays and protect eyes . For this lenses that offer UV protection is a must for everyone irrespective of age. Especially people who spend long hours in the sun require all day sun protection. This makes it important to choose lenses which offer UV protection. In this section photochromic lenses are a great option which change color when in contact with sunlight and turn darker . These eyeglasses lenses already prevent UV rays from penetrating the lens so are a great option for all day spectacle wearer.


Reflections are a very common problem in the daily life of spectacle wearers, and chances are you’re quite annoyed by these experiences. Every day there are numerous situations where reflections ruin your vision, strain the eyes and cause eye fatigue and stress. Also reflections on your spectacles create a barrier between your eyes and the person standing in front, making eye-contact quite impossible. Anti-reflection coating on lenses ensure that the reflections are cut out from your vision and eyes are less stressed out.

Dust Repellant Features:

Dust and Dirt accumulate on the surface and it compromises the visual quality of the glasses and lenses can appear hazy. Most spectacles need to be wiped with special cleaners and spectacle cleaning cloth to remove these accumulated dust particles. When normal lenses are wiped with cloth, static charge accumulates on the surface and attracts dust particles, but with dust resistant lenses, wiping does not affect dust accumulation. The lenses can be wiped easily without getting dust accumulated due to the static charge. This feature is important since it can save lenses from accumulating dust that can potentially damage the delicate lens coatings.

Scratch Resistance:

Everyday handling will eventually wear out any vision corrector like glasses but if you wear lenses with scratch resistant coatings, you are better off at extending the life of your eyeglass lens. The lenses with scratch resistance coatings are given a tough lens coating which protects the different coatings underneath.This hard coating ensures that scratches occur less and your glasses stay intact longer. The hard coat also ensures that the other layers like hydrophobic coatings and anti reflection coatings and treatmentsare not disturbed and damaged easily.

Smudge Resistance :

Smudges can occur any time since we constantly use our hands to handle our glasses and oil and other residues can stick to lenses and create smudges. For a regular lens without smudge resistant coatings it becomes tough to remove oil and other residues . But with a specially treated lens with smudge resistance features, it’s easier to clean and the coatings are protected from scratches and from the damages of wiping .Other than these features some more features can be considered useful such as Water repellant features, photochromatic treatment, tints and more. For more assistance on which features are necessary for your lifestyle talk with our optical specialists at 1800 419 1990.