India’s largest Online Eyewear Store, GKB Opticals

  • Offers over 50 international eyewear brands, first in India
  • Unique features - Virtual Mirror, which enables customers to ‘try’ glasses online
  • Facilities like Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping, Money Back Policy etc.

GKB Opticals, a chain of eyewear retail stores, announced the launch of India’s largest online eyewear store, GKB Opticals . The website is the first to bring to Indian customers, the latest range of over 50 international eyewear brands (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Versace, Tag, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue, Maui-Jim) and almost 5000 products. The price tags range from Rs. 400 to Rs 35,000.

 Announcing the launch, Dhruv Gupta, CEO, GKB Opticals said, “We want people across India to have the choice of buying the latest & best eyewear products at the most value-for-money option. The online store gives them the ease of shopping with good deals and professional service. Features offered by the site, such as ‘try on virtual mirror’ will give the customer satisfaction of trying the product like they would in a retail store.” has witnessed strong traction and growth for quality optical products. In the last few months, the online store is experiencing a 50% growth month on month, and has shipped orders to over 200 cities/towns across India. Dhruv says “The wide choice of products, fast & free shipping, warranty, 100% money back return policy, which give the customers peace of mind while shopping online. We have over 25 qualified eyecare specialists on call, 7 days a week” The growth of this online store validates recent studies (comscore survey), which indicates a significant growth of ecommerce in the last few years and expected years.

 To help customers try on eyewear, GKB Opticals has developed a unique Try on Virtual Mirror & Face Shape guide, that helps customers choose and try the best product while sitting at home. “Ecommerce is seeing a huge growth in this country, since it provides to consumers, the variety and price benefits, not available through retail outlets. Most areas of the country don’t even have the required retail outlets, but have consumer demand, so these consumers jump directly to online shopping. So, while customers in big towns/cities are served well, we have a big focus on connecting with consumers of unexplored markets. We want to reach out to every city/town/village of India,” added Dhruv Gupta.

 GKB Opticals “bucks the trend” by focusing the online store on its area of expertise- eyewear, and by leveraging a strong synergy between the 60+ GKB Opticals retail outlets and the online store. So customers can avail service facility or take delivery of their product from any GKB retail outlet in 17 cities/towns. This has a dual benefit- of ease of service to online customers, and leveraging its strong brand awareness, from its customer base of 1 million.

 About the company:

 GKB Opticals is India’s largest online eyewear store launched by GKB Opticals Retail Group. It is the first online store in India to bring the largest and latest range of over 50 international eyewear brands (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Versace, Tag, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue, Maui-Jim) and over 5000 products in the price range Rs. 400 - 35,000. The company has offices in Delhi & Kolkata.

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  GKB Opticals

 GKB Opticals:

 GKB Opticals has been synonymous with cutting edge eye care for over 50 years. With over 60 stores in 25 cities across the country, GKB Opticals exhibits not only the best optical products, but also the best retail ambience. GKB Stores presently offers its customers largest collection of branded sunglasses, eyeglass frames and contact lenses in a variety of colours, shapes and styles in the price range starting Rs. 400 - Rs. 35,000. GKB stores are equipped with state-of-the-art eye testing facility and a Contact Lens parlour to ensure that every prescription is 100% precise. Eye-care professionals at GKB stores also assess the lifestyle of its customers in order to recommend the best product. With a team of around 550 members, GKB Opticals operates from offices in Delhi and Kolkata.

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