Sunglass Maintenance Tips

You know you look good with a great pair of sunglasses. Now that you have them, you need to maintain them. Luckily, sunglass maintenance and care does not have to be difficult to manage. Here is brief sunglass maintenance guide you can use for your high end designer sunglasses.

1. Buying Them

When you purchase sunglasses, you should be thinking about how to keep them looking as good as they do now.

  • Buy a microfiber pouch for regular use
  • Purchase a cleansing cloth from the retailer designed specifically for use with sunglasses
  • Ask the retailer if there are any special recommendations or care points you need to know about
  • Know your warranty information: what is replaced and what is not and where to get new parts should you need to.

2. Storing Them

Keep your sunglasses in a place where they will not get scratches. Here are some DON'Ts:

  • Avoid putting your sunglasses in your purse where every key and compact will scratch it. Instead, put them in the side pocket where nothing else goes.
  • Don't throw your sunglasses into the cup holder in your car. This too will scratch them up
  • Avoid storing sunglasses upside down with lenses down. Just the act of putting them down like this will scratch them.

3. Clean Them ProperlyThe next important sunglass maintenance tip is to keep them clean.

  • Use warm water to rinse them as needed.
  • Dry using a microfiber cloth or the cleansing cloth you purchased.
  • Never use paper products to clean them or shine them.
  • Do wash them as needed by using a mild dish detergent without any bleach in them.
  • Clean the nose pad, too, being careful not to pull it off.

4. Get Them Fixed

If you are noticing any problems with your sunglasses, get them fixed.

  • Sunglasses can get bent easily. The opticians straighten them for you as you need them to, usually for a small fee.
  • If you are missing nose guards or pads, or the backs of them slip off, have them repaired. High end designer sunglasses should be professionally fixed
  • For scratches, you will need to have a professional eyeglass company shine them and remove them.

5. Use Them

The more often the sunglasses are on your face, the less likely they are getting damage in a drawer. Keep your sunglasses on as often as possible and enjoy them.