Visual Conditions


Farsightedness or Hyperopia is a vision condition affecting about one fourth of the population. People with Hyperopia can see distant objects well, but have difficulty seeing objects that are up close. The eyeball of a farsighted person is slightly shorter than normal, so the image of the object is not foussed correctly in the eye.

Young people with moderate hyperopia are often able to see clearly because their natural lens can adjust, or accommodate to increase the eye’s focussing ability. However, as the eye gradually loses the ability to accommodate (beginning at about 40 years of age), blurred vision from hyperopia often becomes more apparent.

The Problem
Common signs of farsightendness includes:

  • Difficulty in concentrating and maintaining a clear focus on near objects.
  • Eye strain, fatigue and/or headaches.
  • Aching or burning eyes after sustained concentration.
  • Blurry vision for viewing distant objects.

GKB Solution
What can help you?

  • Have eye checkups regularly. Our GKB Optometrist can prescribe you eye glasses to optically correct farshightedness by altering the way of the light entering your eyes.
  • Aspheric spectacle lenses with Anti-reflection coating.
  • Contact lenses.
Hyperopic eye without accommodation Hyperopic eye with correcting plus lens

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