Visual Conditions

Starting from the early 40's, people find difficulty in reading, sewing or working on computers. This happens to everyone at some point in life, even those who have never had a vision problem before. It is an age related process where there is a gradual loss of flexibility in the natural lens of the eye.

Find out if you have it or not

  • You will probably find yourself holding books, newspapers or product labels further away in order to read them clearly.
  • You might experience difficulty while performing near tasks.
  • You might face difficulty when reading in dim light.

These are the classic symptoms of Presbyopia. While you may be able to cope with it for a short term, we recommend you have an eye examination as soon as possible. 
GKB Solutions
What can Help you?

  • Our qualified Optometrists and Opticians will provide you with a thorough eye examination and will further give you professional advice on the most suitable lenses to meet your individual needs.
  • Eye care and eye-wear from GKB Opticals, that will provide you complete satisfaction.
  • Progressive lenses with anti-reflection coating.

Presbyopic eye in near vision Presbyopic eye with correcting plus lens in near vision

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