Zero Power Glasses

Zero Power Glasses make for a great fashion accessory which are worn by many celebrities and common people to get a spunk up their look. It’s a true fact that many people look great with glasses, they not just suit their face but also their lifestyle.

What are Zero Power Glasses?
Zero Power Glasses or Non Prescription glasses are simple glasses with no Rx power(no prescription lense).

How are they useful?
Apart from adding style to your casual look, these glasses also help to protect eyes from dirt, wind and pollution. If coated with anti-reflection coating, they can eliminate glare and reduce strain on eyes from working long hours on computer. If coated with Polarized film, these glasses can protect eyes from harsh glare and harmful UV rays. In fact these glasses with anti-reflection coating are recommended by doctors for people spending too much time on computers.

Are these glasses safe for Eyes?
Yes, these glasses are absolutely safe for eyes, in fact beneficial for them.

I am 12. Can I wear these glasses?
These glasses can be worn by people of any age, from 15 year olds to 50 year olds.

Are they available in Wayfarer Style?
Yes, zero power glasses are available in wayfarer style. In fact they are available in variety of styles and patterns, from chic wayfarers to stylish aviators to hip thick rimmed glasses.

Are branded Zero power glasses available?
Yes, Zero power glasses are available from over 60+ International and national brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui-Jim, Prada, D&G and more.

Are these glasses expensive?
No, these glasses are available in various price brackets to suit every pocket. The range for these glasses start from Rs 390 onwards.