GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) genuinely cares for your eyes. Therefore, we always try to cater smooth and interrupted buying experience to our existing and potential customers. Along with this, we also offer easy full and partial cancellation, return/exchange and warranty policies to our customers as enumerated underneath. However, please note that we have no refund policy.

Cancellation Policy

  • A customer can cancel the order within twelve (12) hours of placing the order. This can be done simply clicking on the cancellation button available on the order confirmation email sent to him/her Our company reserves the right to cancel an order due to non-availability of the ordered product, inaccuracy in the details or pricing information of the said product (typographical error[s]) on In case of such cancellation, it shall be intimated to you by the company and our customer support team shall get in touch with you regarding further refund formalities.

Return and/or Exchange

  • Return and/or Exchange are applicable on Frames/Sunglasses and Contact Lenses only.
  • Contact Lenses shall be eligible for exchange if returned in sealed condition only.
  • For any issues pertaining to prescription lenses, please contact our customer support team first and they shall be happy to guide you regarding further processes.
  • If the customer has got the ordered frame fit with a lens from some other company (except GKB Opticals [M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited]), then we shall not take responsibility for any fitting damage.

Return and/or Exchange Process

  • Can be done within seven (07) days from the receipt of the ordered product.
  • Customers should contact GKB Opticals customer support team at our toll free number 1800 419 1990 or write to us at by mentioning the order number and the Invoice number in the Subject line
  • Customers should return the ordered product only after receiving the return confirmation email from our customer support team.
  • An ordered product should be returned in its original, unused, unaltered and packed condition. Our courier partner will accept return shipment if the package is properly sealed by the customer. 
  • Please put the invoice and warranty card (in original) inside the package, to process your request Meanwhile, please reach out to our customer support team who shall be glad to assist you with placing an exchange order.
  • For exchange of any Frame/Sunglass, the customer shall be given an option to buy the same or a higher priced frame. In case the customer decides to opt for a lower priced frame, then the price difference shall not be refunded by the company.
  • For any other details regarding return and/or exchange, feel free to contact our customer support team.
  • The return and/or exchange process shall be initiated only after we receive the returned product/s in the condition as mentioned above.
  • If the box in which the ordered product arrived has got extensive visible damage, then the customer is requested not to accept its delivery from our courier partner and instead, contact our GKB customer support team.
  • Boxes of Contact Lenses can be exchanged (except for Toric Lenses) in case of power change within six (06) months from the date of invoice, only if the boxes are in sealed, untampered and safe condition and without bearing any mark or dent.

Warranty Policy

Period of Warranty for Brands

Products Brands Period of Warranty (W.e.f. Date of Delivery)
In-house Frames/ Eyeglasses Champ, Inspira, Legacy, Lance Bremmer 12 Months
In-house Sunglasses Coolers, Idee, Sundrive, Lance Bremmer, Izaara 12 Months
Prescription Lenses) All Power Lenses 06 Months
International Frames/Eyeglasses All International Brands 01 to 02 Years
International Sunglasses All International Brands 01 to 02 Years

For additional information on the warranty periods of our various products, please refer to our products’ details webpage available at

  • Any purchase (whether of a Frame/ Sunglass) is warranted against manufacturing defects only in accordance with the manufacturer's norms and periods from the date of invoice.
  • The company's responsibility is only to the extent of accuracy in the Lenses as per the submitted prescription. The company does not provide any warranty on scratches and/or breakage of Lenses.
  • After sale, service shall be provided within the warranty period by any of our GKB Opticals stores, subject to production of the original invoice against the concerned product.
  • In case of exchange of any Spectacle/ Power Sunglass, the customer shall be responsible for paying additional costs for the lenses (as applicable) on the replaced Spectacle/ Power Sunglass.
  • Warranty period for any in-house brand shall start from the date of receipt of the ordered product by the customer. However, in case of any international brand, warranty period shall commence from the date of the invoice.

Legal: Terms and Conditions

  • Once an order is placed, the customer is bound to strictly abide by the terms and conditions of the various policies specified herein and also the covenants given on the Terms & Conditions webpage. Any act/omission on the part of such a customer in contrary to the same including delay in payment, shall be considered as a breach of contract between the customer and GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited). Further, we may demand immediate return of the product(s) ordered by such a customer.
  • In case a customer commits a breach in terms of the contract between him/her and GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited), he/she accepts that damages may not be an adequate remedy and thus, GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) shall be entitled to seek an injunction, restraining order, right for recovery, suit for specific performance or such other equitable relief as a court having competent jurisdiction may deem necessary to prohibit from committing any violation or to enforce the performance of the terms, conditions, representations and obligations contained herein and given on the Terms & Conditions webpage by such a customer.
  • All ownership rights pertaining to the products displayed on our website shall remain vested in GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited), until all the contractual obligations of the customer towards us have been fulfilled to our complete satisfaction.
  • Content and images of people, places and/or products posted on our website are either the sole property of GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) or are used herein after seeking expressed permission.
  • GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) may modify its various company policies and its terms and conditions given on the Terms & Conditions webpage from time to time without serving any advance notice. We shall keep you updated about any such modification as far as practicably possible for your easy reference and understanding.
  • Once an order is placed, the respective rights and contractual obligations of the customer cannot be assigned to any third party without the prior written consent of GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited).
  • In case of any dispute arising between the customer and GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) in relation to their contractual obligations, such a dispute shall be referred to and settled firstly by mediation, then followed by arbitration (if need be and at the sole discretion of our company) in accordance with the (Indian) Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, any amendments made thereto and rules framed thereunder. With respect to the same, a sole arbitrator shall be appointed by GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) who shall decide on the dispute and give his/her verdict within fifteen (15) days from the issue of notice of such dispute. The place of arbitration shall be Kolkata and any award whether interim or final, shall be made, and shall be deemed for all purposes between the parties to be made in Kolkata. The arbitral procedure shall be conducted in the English language and any award(s) shall be rendered in English. The procedural law of the arbitration shall be the Indian law. The cost of the arbitration proceeding(s) shall be borne by the customer and our company on equal sharing basis, and also as per the arbitration award(s).However, if arbitration fails, then the matter in dispute shall be referred to in the court of law within Kolkata jurisdiction only.
  • The contractual obligations between the customer and GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, and the courts at Kolkata shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction on the terms and conditions governing the same.
  • In the performance of the terms and conditions elaborated herein and as given on the Terms & Conditions webpage, the customer and GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) shall be and act as independent parties. Nothing given herein shall be deemed to constitute a partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between the customer and our company. Neither party shall be entitled to assume any obligation on behalf of or in the name of the other party.
  • If any term and/or condition as specified herein or as given on the Terms & Conditions webpage is/are held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, then the remainder of the terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated.
  • In case any online purchase is made by a customer through unethical means, like by taking advantage of technical glitches or misusing the offer terms, guidelines, codes, etc.; then GKB has the right to cancel such an order or take stern action (legal or otherwise) against such a customer at the sole discretion of its management.
  • GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) shall not be held accountable for making payments or refunds against any incidental or consequential damages payable by the customer.
  • Ordered product(s)shall be replaced by GKB Opticals (M/s. GKB Lens Private Limited) at its sole discretion, depending upon the nature of defect(s).
  • The terms and conditions of the company policies specified above shall be valid only when the customer makes a genuine and lawful purchase through our company website, i.e. on

*** This agreement (“Agreement”) contains terms and conditions (“Terms”) that shall apply to a natural or legal person and who has access to or is using this online platform for purchasing the products listed on this platform or otherwise, including but not limited to such customers who have not created a buyer’s account and are accessing this platform without such a buyer’s account. This Agreement is an electronic record generated by a computer system and thus, does not require any physical or digital signature.

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